What are the benefits of an inversion table?

What are the inversion table benefits?

A great deal of people who use an inversion table will do so for the help that they get with the back pain they are suffering from.

However, there is a whole lot more to inversion therapy than back pain relief.

As a matter of fact, there are countless benefits that can come from using an inversion table which may heavily interest you!

The inversion table is an all-around health boosting and inducing device that will increase the health of an individual through countless benefits, which some of them are highlighted right in this article down below.

You will come to realize by the end of this article, after reading through these benefits, that inversion therapy is more than what is seemed and what you knew.

Inversion therapy is a new step into health and dealing with the negative aspects of the wear and tear of daily life.

If you happen to be someone who is dealing with headaches or you have muscles that are tight and tense or dealing with another issue or condition, you could quite possibly get the relief that you are looking for by using the inversion table on a daily basis.


Instant Pain Relief

The number one reason a person would use an inversion tables is to find relief from any kind of back pain!

Not discounting the many wide-array of immeasurable benefits that inversion therapy provides, the single most beneficial object to using an inversion table is the provision of relief from insufferable back pain.

Back pain is probably the worst! I can imagine many people agreeing with me.

Instant Back Pain ReliefThe inversion table will relief those of pain that may be suffering from sciatica, herniated discs, sore back muscles, lower back pain, etc.

It works for them all, no matter what the cause and for how long they’ve been suffering.

Spinal decompression, brought upon the body by the utilization of an inversion table, is the key to alleviating the nerves that might be tampered with.


Many nerves exist in around the spinal column with which they may be causing back pain.

The inversion table helps minimize the amount of pressure they are dealing with as well as the muscles that may be placing an unfavorable amount of pressure in addition.

Not only used to relieve back pain, inversion therapy will help reduce and alleviate other symptoms of pain felt somewhere else in the body such headaches, joint pain, tight muscles and cramps, etc…

I can go on and list other pain symptoms that you may be suffering from and how inversion therapy can instantly alleviate some of those pains including the ones I just mentioned!

Inversion therapy is a powerful, alternative treatment that contributes to the healing of many conditions and diseases as well as alleviating pain during the process.


Increase Spine Health

The spine is a vital element and structure to the human body. Without the spine, you would not be able to do anything including walking!

The spine along with supporting one’s body in an upright potions, the spine also helps connect the whole body to the most important body part of the human body: the brain.

Just by stating those two sentences above, one can tell that the spine is one very important and vital body part of the human body.

What would it mean if you had poor health in the spine? That would be awful! Over time, your spine won’t be able to keep up with all of the demand of your day.


Increase Spine HealthAll the wear and tear will begin its toll on your spine as each and every day goes by. The older you get, the health of your spine decreases.

Would it be wise to begin taking care of your spine right now, today?

With inversion therapy, you can. Inversion therapy helps keep your spine health in check. As a matter of fact, it even improves the health of your spine! In fact, inversion therapy helps defeat the downward gravitational force that is constantly pulling down on your spinal column. Every single day gravity exposes its negative effects on your spine and inversion therapy is there to combat this.

Gravity compresses each intervertebral disc in the spine. The blue sections in the diagram to your left represents each intervertebral disc located in your spine. These discs act and function as shock absorbers as well as help create space for vital nerves that travel in and out of the spine.

Over time, gravity causes wear and tear through compression. These discs break down due to compression caused by gravity. Spine conditions may evolve or appear over time, more noticeably in the older years of life.

Older people are more prone to spinal condition and diseases. Intervertebal discs aren’t as plump and voluminous as they once were. Nerves are touched and tampered with due to poor intervertebral disc health.

Inversion therapy helps reverse the negative effects of compression caused by gravity. Inversion therapy facilitates a natural, healing treatment called spinal decompression. Decompression is important to counter-attack the negative forces of compression.

Decompression helps increase blood flow and circulation to these discs through the use of the inversion table. Better circulation helps cycle out the toxins that have been built up due to compression. Decompression overall sustains the health of each intervertebral disc.


Zero Negative Side-Effects

The most under-rated benefit of using an inversion table is the presence of zero negative side-effects!

This is one of the top reasons why an individual suffering from any kind of back pain should invest in an inversion table.

Zero Negative Side-Effects in Inversion TherapyIf one can bypass the need to go with surgery, surgery is one of the toughest roads to travel on.

With countless doctor appointments and huge amounting costs, inversion therapy may be well sought-out for.

Cortisol shots and pain-killer medication are not viable solutions, long-term wise, because the very nature of these solutions tend to only mask the actual root of their pain!

Medication for the pain may very well give them temporary relief but they may have to concede to other unwanted side-effects that may become detrimental in the long-term for that specific individual.

With absolutely zero negative side-effects, which is rare to find a back pain treatment in the medical field, many individuals prefer going this alternative route.


Reduces Headaches

There have been a number of studies that go to show just how beneficial the use of an inversion table can be to help you with the headaches that you are suffering from. These are just a few of the ways that inversion therapy has been proven to relieve headaches in a lot of patients just like you:

  • Inversion therapy works to realign your spine. When this happens, it will help reduce muscle spasms that you may be having in your neck and shoulder region, which can be known to cause headaches.
  • The process of inverting will also help relax the muscles that are located in your skull, face and around your neck. This will help you to greatly reduce the number of tension headaches that you are prone to.
  • A good number of patients claim that inversion therapy is wonderful for cutting back on the stress that they have been experiencing during the day, the week, or month. Since stress is a known to cause headaches in many cases, you are going to find that using an inversion table from time to time will help you to squash those pesky headaches that may be coming up throughout your day.
  • Inversion is wonderful for helping increase your circulation while also helping your lymphatic system so that it can work much more efficiently. This will help you to get rid of a lot more toxins away from your system that are known for bringing on headaches.


Relaxes Tense & Tight Muscles

Regular inversion therapy has the ability to relax your muscles all throughout your body. As a matter of fact, many people will find that using an inversion table will help them to relax muscles that had gotten tense and tight in their body that they did not even realize that they had. These are just a few of the ways that inversion therapy can help you relax tight, tense muscles:

  • Inversion works on realigning your spine and decompressing all of your vertebrae that can become stressed and compressed over time. This tense feeling will sometimes make it difficult for you to loosen up.
  • Improved posture is another benefit that comes along with working your muscles through inversion therapy. As you go about your daily routine, you can develop muscle memory that feels tense and compressed. Inversion therapy will help you ease the tension in your tight muscles and gradually move you into a more limber state, thus improving upon your posture and cutting back on the damage that years of slouching may have done.
  • When you try inversion therapy, you will be able to use the force of gravity so that all of your weight bearing joints get a great deal of relief and your circulation to these joints will improve greatly. Once your circulation has improved over a period of time, the muscles and ligaments in your body will have a chance to relax and rebuild themselves.
  • If you’re someone who regularly works out, inversion therapy can also be wonderful for speeding up your recovery time after each physical workout. The stress on your bones and muscles can be rough at times, so you will find that the use of an inversion table will be a nice way to gently decompress and get a comforting stretch at the end of your workout.

When you are ready to find out what an inversion table and inversion therapy can do for you, it is simply a matter of finding the right table to suit your needs.

What is the best inversion table then for me?

Once you get started, you are going to see that this is a process that has tremendous benefits and well worth the investment if you are able to relieve your headaches and calm your tired and tense muscles through inversion therapy.


Improves Posture

Many of us have sedentary jobs that require minimal effort and a low amount of activity is performed during the work day. Many of us have desk jobs that fits that description like a mold.

The bad and good news, I’ll start with the bad news first, is that your posture will take a hit and eventually you will develop poor posture habits that begin from countless hours of sedentary work.

The good news is that inversion therapy is the perfect solution to bad/poor posture!


People that work on computers tend to bend forward as they are typing, or as they are looking at their computer screen. This will cause them to literally change their posture by virtue of the work that they do, and that is why inversion therapy is so beneficial.

By simply strapping yourself into an inversion table, and hanging upside down several minutes a day, you can recondition your spine to become more straight, helping to readjust your posture.

Once you develop the habit of using your inversion table regularly, you will start noticing gradual changes in your posture.

Over a consistent period of time, you will notice gradually changes in your posture and see an improvement after using the inversion table over that time period.

Inversion therapy is one of the best treatments for bad posture that can be done right in the comfort of your home and saving a ton of money in the process by cutting chiropractor visits that are completely unnecessary!


Improves Sleep Quality

Having trouble sleeping at night?

Just can’t seem to find yourself relaxed just in time you hit the pillow?

Are you feeling stressed which may be causing muscle tightness?

If you can relate to any of those statements above, then inversion therapy may be your very next best choice and a great benefit that can be bestowed from using the inversion table!

At the end of the day, so much tension has been built in your muscles that it become increasingly difficult to relax and fall asleep properly. For some people, stretching is a way for them to relax their muscles at the end of the day.

Maybe you don’t like stretching. Maybe you’re looking for an alternative. Inversion therapy helps stretch the spine as well as the muscles in the back. Lower back muscles are often the tightest muscles in the human body.

The inversion table helps stretch those tight muscles as you’re inverting. The inversion stretch is a perfect way to relax those muscles in the lower back and other muscles in the surrounding region.

It is like stretching but instead you’re using the inversion table to invert yourself and stretch these muscles. The inversion table can be viewed as a stretching machine that uses the force of gravity to help stretch tight muscle in the inverted position.

Stretching these muscles does help ease the tension by increasing the blood flow and circulation to these muscles. Increasing the blood flow and circulation is a very good thing if you’re looking to release the tension built in the muscle.

As you use the inversion table, the inversion table promotes restfulness and calmness which flows through your body as you invert on the inversion table. This helps set the stage for a calming sleep and an easier chance for you to fall asleep.

By using an inversion table regularly, not only can you relax tight muscles that may be preventing you sleep, but also helps you get to a relaxing state that you can slowly feel and fall into.

Although it may not be possible for you to entirely eliminate the stress in your life, inversion therapy can help reduce the amount of tension that you’re building up in your body and help you fall asleep faster.


Please do not refer to this article as professional medical advice!

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