Inversion Table for Neck Pain?

Do Inversion Tables Work for Neck Pain?

Inversion Table for Neck Pain?

Are you suffering from neck pain?
Are you sick and tired of suffering from painful neck pain?

Is neck pain affecting your quality of life?

You need not to worry since many people suffer from neck pain. The neck area is a common place where many people feel excruciating pain. Believe it or not, neck pain isn’t a serious condition and can most likely disappear in a matter of a few days if treated properly.

Did you know that your head can weigh around 10 to 12 pounds?

Neck Supporting Body StructuresThink about what is actually supporting all of that weight and your head. What structures are in the neck that help support my head?

That’s right!

Your spinal column and the large muscle called the Trapezius.

There is of course many intricate, smaller muscles in the neck but for simplicity’s sake, we will stick to the Trapezius muscle and the spinal column only.

Your spinal column and the neck muscles are the only supporting structures that help support your head and one of the most important body parts in the human body: the brain.


Every movement of the head during the day is taking a toll on the spinal column and the Trapezius muscle. All those hours of the day when you’re awake, your placing stress on this muscle including the spinal column and all of the intervertebral discs associated with every cervical vertebrae. Eventually, the muscle will be taxed to the point that it will cause tension and strain.

Here are a few reasons or activities that may cause muscle tension in the neck region:

  • Poor Posture
  • Working in a Bad Position
  • Exercising with Poor Form
  • Sleeping in an Uncomfortable Position

The neck is also made of the spinal column that is composed of vertabrae bones stacked on top of each other. These seven vertebrae make up the cervical region of the spinal column. Between each vertebrae in the cervical region and the rest of the spinal column lies a soft membranous tissues called the intervertebral disc. These discs help absorb shock that may occur in between each bone giving each one of them a cushion-like ligament.


What is the Best Inversion Table of 2016?


How can the inversion table help the intervertebral discs in the neck?

The inversion table can help relieve neck pain by directly working with the cervical vertabrae and the intervertebral discs. Even though most people suffer from common muscle tension in the neck, certain people may suffer from a more serious form of neck pain.

A pinched nerve in the cervical region cause by a degenerated intervertebral disc can cause serious neck pain.

Herniated Cervical Disc

This is called a “herniated cervical disc” – source: healthline

Though not as common as the regular neck pain caused by muscle tension or strain, some people may have neck pain due to this condition. This condition may worsen due to the continual adverse effects of spinal compression. It may also appear immediately or gradually worsen over a long period of time.

If you know that you suffer from this kind of neck pain and you’re aware that this condition is causing your neck pain, then inversion therapy is the best form of therapeutic treatment called spinal decompression. Inversion therapy helps the damaged disc recover and gain its normal strength by inverting the body.

The inversion table helps expand the damaged disc by utilizing the therapeutic benefits of gravity. In a normal stance, gravity will negative impact the degenerated disc which then causes the surrounding spinal nerves to be tampered with.

Inversion therapy uses gravity to help heal the degenerated or inflamed intervertebral disc. By expanding and creating more space for the disc, the disc restores itself by increasing blood flow and vital nutrients for recuperation. These nutrients help aid the disc by repairing the damaged disc.


How can the inversion table help the muscles in the neck?

Most people will suffer from this form of neck pain unless it is a serious condition known as fibromyalgia. If you don’t suffer from fibromyalgia, then it is safe to assume that it is regular muscle pain or tension.

This form of neck pain is a less serious condition than the condition above. This is a very common form of neck pain that can occur at any moment and usually curable in a matter of a few days. It is a common form of neck pain because it is usually unknowingly self-inflicted through numerous daily activities such as poor posture or strenuous movements or exercise.

Tight Muscle-causing Neck PainIf taken the proper steps, muscle tension can be cured in the neck region by taking several measure including inversion therapy. Using the inversion table is a great way to accelerate the health process and reducing the toxins and waste materials that have accumulated in the muscle which may be causing pain or any other related symptoms.

Inversion therapy increases blood flow to the tensed region of the muscled as was pointed out with the degenerative disc condition previously. Increasing blood flow will help cycle out the toxins that have been built up in the muscle due to stress that was placed on that particular muscle. Toxin buildup in certain neck muscles may be causing neck pain.

Neck pain caused by muscle strain can be cured without the use of inversion table. You can help relieve muscle tension in the neck by using proper form or posture, less strenuous activities during the day, use an ice pack for the first few days, or get a neck massage.

If you have inversion table and you’re suffering from neck pain, this is immensely beneficial. Along with relieving pain in the lower back, the neck will also receive the exact same benefits as the lower back and other regions of the back.

By using an inversion table at the end of the day, tight muscles are relaxed as the blood flow is enhanced by spinal decompression. Just as the inversion table has a huge effect on the spine and it intervertebral discs, the inversion table has a great effect on the muscles in the back and the muscles surrounding your spine. Inversion tables and inversion therapy is an excellent treatment for back pain and neck pain combined!

If you want an all-in-one treatment of the whole back region including the neck, inversion tables are there for you!

If you hate stretching, the inversion table can become the alternative to stretching. The inversion table produces the same positive effects, maybe even more, as stretching does.


Do you suffer from back pain?
Try an inversion table!


Please Consult your Doctor First!

Before making your decision about the inversion table and how it can massively help relieve the pain felt in the neck, consult with your doctor regarding the topic of inversion therapy. Consult with your doctor before using the inversion table if you suffer from any serious form of a pre-existing condition.

Inversion therapy is a very safe form of therapeutic treatment, but it may negatively impact certain people even if they’re not aware a pre-existing condition that they may have.

If you have any health concerns, please relate these concerns to your doctor who may be able to review them before using the inversion table. Your doctor will help you understand if inversion therapy may be a risk for you. Once you get the OK from your doctor to move forward with inversion therapy, you can start using the inversion table at a slow, beginner’s pace.

Please do not refer to this article as professional medical advice!

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