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Top 4 Inversion Tables of 2016!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 inversion tables for the year 2016. These specific inversion tables have made it
into our top 4 and we hope that this short list might become useful in your buying decision!

#1) Ironman Gravity 4000

#1) Ironman Gravity 4000 - Top 5 Inversion Tables of 2016


#2) Teeter Hang Ups EP-560

#2) Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 - Top 5 Inversion Tables of 2016


#3) Innova Deluxe ITX9600

#3) Innova Deluxe ITX9600 - Top 5 Inversion Tables of 2016


#4) Ironman IFT 4000

#4) Ironman IFT 4000 - Top 5 Inversion Tables of 2016


The Best Inversion Table of 2016!

Best Inversion Table home featured

What is the Best Inversion Table?

That is probably the most commonly asked question. Everyone who is interested in inversion therapy or anything else for that matter wants to know what is the best they can get. The best is the best for a reason! People simply want the best of what they can buy. The honest answer I can give with regards to the best inversion table is: None! Here’s why:

Many different kinds of inversion tables are produced and manufactured by several companies. Each inversion table is designed differently. It can be difficult to choose which inversion table is the best inversion table because of this.

In fact, there are several great inversion tables that have hit the market. From Ironman to Teeter Hangups: all of these well-known brands produce top-notch inversion tables that many users enjoy and have found to be immensely helpful. As a result, certain individuals may swear  by using “their” inversion table, you may find yourself agreeing with them. They want you to think that “their” kind of inversion table is the best inversion table. There is nothing wrong with that. Their inversion table may be the best inversion table for them. For you, maybe not. It all depends on several factors that only you can see or feel!

For that reason alone, it would be wise to read several reviews before making your buying decision. Contemplate which inversion table would be the best inversion table for you before making your final decision. When looking for the best inversion table, look into several inversion table models on the market and observe its key features that may interest you the most. They’re quite a few inversion tables on the market which gives you plenty of options to choose from!

When looking for the best inversion table, keep in mind of why you’re getting an inversion table and does this particular inversion table help me achieve my purpose. Just because an individual says “this” inversion table has this so-and-so feature shouldn’t deter your buying approach. Your buying approach should be looking at several inversion tables and weighing all possible options before making your decision. Please put some thought and effort into making your decision and buying the best inversion table for you.

That’s why it’s crucial for you to weigh all possible options when it comes to buying an inversion table. The first inversion table you see may not interest you as much as the next inversion table. Observe different kinds of inversion tables and note all features that catches your eye. So no, there isn’t technically the best inversion table on the market right now! There is perhaps the best inversion table for you after you’ve looked carefully at several different kinds of inversion table models.

Imagine me trying to pick the best inversion table for 2016!

It would be nearly impossible!

You know why?

One size does not fit all!

The same concept goes hand in hand with inversion table shopping. I can only do my best and help guide you to your best inversion table. If you’re really interested in knowing what is “my” best inversion table, I’ve got you covered! I can only suggest to you what I think is the best inversion table.

Here is a guide I created that helps you choose the best inversion table for 2016!

Best Inversion Table 2016 Guide

I can only suggest what I think is the best inversion table. I’ve done my research and several key features have been factored into my conclusion. I’ve looked at most inversion tables on the market and have come to the conclusion that this inversion table appears to be the best inversion table that money can buy.

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Do Inversion Tables Work?

Newcastle University logo

In 2006, Newcastle University finalized a trial using the alternative treatment of inversion table
therapy for those suffering from degenerative disc disease.

The Result:  People who used inversion therapy, after the trial was completed, only 23% still
needed surgery while those who didn’t use inversion therapy, 78% still needed to do surgery
after the trial was over.

Do you have any questions?

We totally understand that some of you may have questions that need answers regarding inversion therapy and inversion tables. This is especially true if some of you are new to the concept of inversion table therapy.

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of inversion therapy, but you really want to dive in deep this time and discover other great things about it! You may know some things about the inversion table, but now you really want to make sure you have all of the answers to certain questions that are left.

The best actionable step to something new is to ask plenty of questions. This is very important before plunging into something totally new. Questions help give a person some perspective about an idea and helps them formulate an opinion based on the answers to these question.

That’s why Leading wants to help those who are new to inversion therapy and the same folks with questions.

We want to provide each and every visitor to our website with the answers to the most common questions about inversion therapy.

Every person and visitor here deserves to know everything about inversion therapy and they definitely deserve answers to their questions!

The section below has been dedicated to answering Frequently Asked Questions surrounding inversion therapy:

What is inversion therapy?

Inversion Table Therapy is a natural therapeutic treatment that involves a form of spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is achieved through the use of an inversion table by hanging upside down or inverting to a certain degree. The inversion table allows the regular user to achieve an inverted position for the sole purpose of receiving pain alleviation and other therapeutic benefits of inversion therapy. Inversion therapy isn’t a new concept that just appeared on the scene. Many cultures throughout the age of time have admired what can become of an individual who regularly used this form of treatment. Some have even hidden this treatment from the masses in order to protect this “secret” that the upper class found to be their advantage over them. Inversion table therapy helped…


What are the benefits?

They’re countless benefits that can be derived from the use of an inversion table. The number one benefit that people expect from using the inversion table is pain alleviation. Inversion therapy will positively fulfill that expectation, without a doubt! Inversion therapy helps many people overcome and alleviate their pain, especially in the lower region of the back. In addition to pain alleviation, inversion therapy also promotes other therapeutic benefits that many aren’t aware of. These benefits may include increasing the health of one’s spine, zero negative side-effects, improving posture, etc…


Do inversion tables work?

Absolutely! If you ask around and talk to people who use the inversion table, they will tell you how effective they are and how they’ve solved their problems in numerous ways! They’ll tell you how the inversion table saved them a ton of money and the countless amount of payments to their doctor and chiropractor. They will also tell you how much time they saved by cutting down trips to their chiropractor and how easy it is to use the inversion table, right in the comfort of their homes! Certain studies have been performed and orchestrated that prove the effectiveness of the inversion table and the therapeutic benefits of inversion therapy. A specific study proves that…


Do inversion tables work for neck pain?

Some may think that the inversion table is only meant to help the back and the back only. They don’t realize that the inversion table can help work the entire length of the body, from head to toe. That includes the neck and all of it components such as the bones, joints, and muscles. Yes, the inversion table and inversion therapy can in fact help the human neck. Find out more on how the inversion table works for the neck!


What is the best inversion table?

They’re many inversion tables on the market. The Internet is filled with information about inversion tables and inversion therapy. Many websites on the Internet feature information on how to use inversion tables, buying inversion tables, inversion tables reviews, etc… Sometimes it’s just too much information to process! That’s why we created a guide specifically targeting the best inversion table for you! This guide will help you find the best inversion table and…


I am interested! Where do I begin?

That’s great news! We’re excited to hear that you want to begin using the inversion table! We can promise you that you’re not going to be disappointed with the inversion table. What we can do for you is provide a guide where you can follow the necessary steps in getting the right inversion table and how to begin safely using it. This guide will show you how to choose your next inversion table and how to effectively use it. This guide will also list several safety parameters that you need pass in order to safely use the inversion table. This guide has it all! Press the button below see the beginner’s guide to inversion therapy!


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